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Interpreting is the exact rendering of a message in one language into another language. Unlike a translator, an interpreter must interpret the spoken text at once, having almost no possibility to correct anything. It is necessary to maintain the text style when interpreting. A professional interpreter must not only have knowledge of general education, but also knowledge in various different fields.

If you need an interpreter during business meetings, before a notary public, in conferences or just need the assistance of a professional for a phone call, get in touch with “TRANSLATION SERVICES”.

There are two forms of interpreting:

1. Consecutive interpreting: an interpreter is next to the speaker, listening and interpreting his/her speech. This form is common during meetings: visits, business lunches, etc.

2. Simultaneous interpreting: in this case, interpreters sit in a special booth, usually working in teams of two and for periods of up to 20 minutes at a time. The interpreter listens to the speaker through a headset and at the same time speaks into a microphone.

Professional simultaneous interpreting equipment (amplifiers, headsets, microphones, soundproof booth) as well as maintenance specialists, etc. are necessary for simultaneous interpreting. Hire of such equipment is one of our services.

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