Simultaneous interpreting systems

BOSCH simultaneous interpreting systems suit both small (5 to 6 participants), and larger (10 to 20 participants) audiences. The Bosch wireless simultaneous interpreting system operates by infra-red. With up to 16 channels it facilitates interpretation from 15 languages. Simultaneous interpretation receivers are very small, light (only 75 g) and easy to operate. All equipment is mobile and easy to assemble and disassemble.

Bosch systems are installed in many well-known institutions such as NATO, EU Headquarters and FIFA; at world-famous exhibition centres; and at large companies such as BMW and Lloyd’s Bank.

One step up, INTEGRUS is the only completely digital simultaneous interpreting equipment in the world. Lighting of the premises has no impact on the signal quality. The system has unrivalled sound quality.

These systems are expandable: if you first installed a smaller system, later you can expand it.

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