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The main field of activities performed by the “TRANSLATION SERVICES” translation agency is translation services and simultaneous interpreting equipment hire.

Located in the modern “Valdemara Centrs” business centre situated in Riga, we are the leading company providing translation services of exceptionally high quality.

We have formed a team of competent translators and specialists-professionals in other fields. Harmonious work allows us to achieve results that we can be proud of. High quality is one of our advantages.

We are always ready to complete any order in a qualitative manner, irrespective of the degree of its complexity. The translation agency coordinates the work of more than 200 translators not only in Latvia, but also abroad. The “TRANSLATION SERVICES” translation agency closely cooperates with business partners from neighbouring countries such as Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Russia as well as Italy, Germany, England, etc.

The quality and timeliness of our services are acknowledged by large-scale firms and representative offices by constantly using our services. The “TRANSLATION SERVICES” translation agency is proud of its customers who have been loyal from the very beginning of our activities. We guarantee the confidentiality and safety of documents for our customers and partners.

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